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Riverstone: the language & communication professionals

We are a dynamic and flexible organisation. We offer a range of services to help you learn and use English to make your business even more successful.


Based in Milan, Riverstone provides a complete solution to all your language and communication needs. Our services include bespoke language training, professional translations and customised copywriting content for your website. We also organise events and help companies in Italy and the UK communicate with each other – and their customers.

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Who we are


Robert Dennis
Founder and CEO

Riverstone is managed by Robert, a highly experienced Business English teacher and coach who has trained thousands of business professionals to operate effectively in English. Robert has taught at a large number of multinationals, including, UniCredit, Mondadori, Barclays Capital, etc both here in Milan and in London. A graduate in English from Oxford University, Robert is also an experienced communications and social media marketing consultant. In 2010 he founded the Milan Business English Network.


Elena Ghelfi
Marketing and Sales Manager

Elena Ghelfi is a successful sales and marketing professional who has worked with major international companies including Sony Music and McCann Erikson. Her experience and expertise in other sectors, including jewellery and cosmetics, have given her an insight into understanding the needs of business clients and providing tailored solutions. Elena speaks fluent English and regularly travels to the UK.

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