Business Networking

Connect with the English-speaking world!

Success in business today is all about making connections: finding the right people to build great teams, locating new customers and clients – and sourcing the best suppliers and freelancers to help you grow your business.


Riverstone can help you develop the network of contacts you need, especially international contacts in the English-speaking countries.

Our services include introductions and networking events where you will have the opportunity to meet people and organisations you can do business with. We also arrange seminars and workshops focused on specific networking and international marketing skills, such as using social media to access international markets.

Riverstone acts as a bridge to potential customers and colleagues in the UK and the wider English-speaking world. Via our network of international contacts, we can connect you with the people, companies and organisations you need in the UK and other Anglo-Saxon countries.

We also offer language support services including translation and interpreting, as well as writing emails, presentations and any marketing materials you may require.

Since Riverstone is based in Milan we are also ideally located to act as to help foreign companies looking to enter the Italian market.

For further information about how we can help your company find more customers and win new business in the UK and beyond, please contact us.

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