Our History

Building a successful language and communications business

From the brainchild of two British entrepreneurs, Riverstone has grown steadily to become an Anglo-Italian organisation providing a unique range of services for business.

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Riverstone Language & Communications was originally founded in 2012 by Robert Dennis, an experienced business English teacher and communications consultant, and Helen Fish, an entrepreneur with a track record of establishing successful businesses in the UK.

The main aim of Riverstone was to create a highly-flexible, boutique training, communications and events consultancy based here in Milan. During an intense period of activity in 2012 Robert and Helen established the organisation and steadily built our client base. Riverstone also launched its popular programme of business English networking aperitivos, in association with the Milan Business English Network.

Having helped to start up Riverstone, Helen subsequently moved on to develop a number of other businesses, including her own school which specialised in helping professionals improve their skills for the job market. Helen’s latest venture is Beatstream Media, a free live music streaming application.

Robert continued to develop Riverstone and for several years we provided the interpreting service for the Social Business Forum in Milan. Riverstone was also a Marketing Service Partner for this prestigious event, organised by Open Knowledge, the leading social business consultancy. In addition to building up the Riverstone network and adding new clients in several sectors, including the pharmaceutical sector, law and industrial design, Robert also established a number of cross-marketing partnerships with other companies and entrepreneurs, including Bradley Mitton of Mitton International Wines and Club Vivanova and Sébastien Carraro, the co-founder of MyBusyMeal, an exclusive social dining network.

In 2014 Elena Ghelfi, a successful Italian sales and marketing professional who has worked with major international companies including Sony Music and McCann Erikson, joined Riverstone as our Sales & Marketing Manager. Elena’s experience and expertise in other sectors, including jewellery and dermacosmetics, have given her an insight into understanding the needs of business clients and providing tailored solutions. Elena speaks fluent English and regularly travels to the UK.

Robert and Elena now form the core management team of Riverstone. We also collaborate with an extensive network of freelance professionals and other partners via the Riverstone Network.

Our vision is to continue building Riverstone and bring our unique range of language and communications services to an ever-wider clientèle.

Riverstone is constantly developing and innovating new ways to meet clients’ needs. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business grow.

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Fiori Oscuri

A Riverstone / Milan Business English Network aperitivo
at Fiori Oscuri, Milan in 2013