Riverstone Encounters: a new concept in sharing ideas and networking in English!


What are Riverstone Encounters?

Part-brainstorming session, part business social networking, Riverstone Encounters are an opportunity to share and develop ideas, discuss issues relating to your business sector and meet other people with similar professional interests. The Encounters are facilitated by Riverstone Language & Communications and will take place in a variety of settings, including relaxed social venues as well as in-company events.

How do they work?

Riverstone will organise an Encounter and select a small group of suitable professionals who work in related business areas, such as marketing, finance, law and other sectors. Companies that would like to be involved will be invited to host an Encounter. This will typically be in a meeting room with audio-visual equipment and wifi provided.

Experienced business English coach Robert Dennis of Riverstone Language & Communications will lead the discussion and help the participants to get the most out of the event by providing language guidance, facilitation and online resources.

A Riverstone Encounter is not a traditional language class. It is primarily a discussion where the focus is on the content of what’s being talked about – but it’s also a great way to practise your English too!

Networking and social media

Riverstone Encounters will be organised using mainly online social media tools, such as Facebook and LinkedIn. The scheduling service Doodle will also be used to find suitable times that are convenient for all the participants.

Cost and registration

Most Riverstone Ecounters will be free. There may a small charge to cover costs at some events, but the main idea is that participating companies themselves host the events. There may at a later stage be some “premium” events which involve paying a fee to attend, or a subscription for multiple events, but initially everything will be free and the majority of events will probably remain free or low cost.

How can you take part?

The first thing is to contact Robert Dennis at Riverstone and express an interest. There will also be an ongoing discussion about Riverstone Encounters via the Milan Business English Network.

Get involved!

The main thing about Riverstone Encounters is that they are social: they’re all about sharing ideas, thoughts, experiences and meeting other professionals who are interested in the same things as you. Riverstone Encounters will also be a great way for new graduates, freelancers and a wider range of people than is usual to get together for a focused, industry-specific discussion.

Riverstone Encounters is very much a “work in progress” and I would welcome the input of anyone who would like to take part. Get in touch!